Rudimentary Peni

Rudimentary Peni

The Underclass

Outer Himalayan

Warts this?! A new Rudimentary Peni record!? Does anybody care? Well, I did… before I plopped the all-too-accurately titled The Underclass into my hi-fi and pressed play. Much like any random Man is the Bastard seven-inch, the 13-song/13-minute record finds Rudimentary Peni sticking to the same simple and plodding tempos, the same simple and plodding chord progressions, the same simple and plodding grumbles about society, social class, class war, war, class, death, dying, but perhaps not tanks nor prune bellies nor detecting one’s inner cheese (sigh…): basically, one utterly forgettable blur, with no variation whatsoever (I cannot stress that more), no fun, no future, no, no, NO. Not sure what Rudimentary Peni were trying to accomplish here, and it’s highly doubtful whether all the gutter rats are gonna provide any coherent explanations, but I’m just not on board — Cacophony this is not. Stay the hell away.

Outer Himalayan, P.O. Box 59, London, N22 1AR, UK

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