The Crüxshadows

The Crüxshadows

The Mystery of the Whisper

Dancing Ferret Discs

After hearing the excellent tracks they contributed to Projekt’s Excelsis 2 and K-Tel’s Darkwave: Music of the Shadows, v.2 comps, I was really looking forward to reviewing the Florida-based Crüxshadows’ new CD. I’m happy to report it lived up to my high expectations, and more. If you’re a fan of electro, goth, or better yet electrogoth, check this one out.

About the best comparison I can give you sound-wise is Depeche Mode meets the Mission (UK), maybe with a dash of early Cure. Three of the four band members play keyboards and/or synth, and a lot of the tracks have a pretty serious new wave/electro base, but the attitude and lyrics are definitely goth. Rachel contributes some lovely atmospheric violin playing throughout, and Kevin lays down some excellent textural guitar lines, underscoring key points in Rogue’s vocals without overpowering them, while Rogue and Chris handle most of the keyboards, drum programs, samples, etc.

The Mystery of the Whisper has songs about lost loves, angels and demons, and some very mysterious stuff about forgotten Egyptian gods. One of my favorites was “Sympathy (for Tomorrow),” with its wistful keyboard opening, mournful violin, slow percussion, and awesome crystal-plucked guitar backing Rogue’s deep-voiced meditations on the next life while sitting in a graveyard. “Heaven’s Gaze” really moves, kicking it into gear with cool synth, heavy guitar, and lyrics that spit in the faces of the heavenly and hellish powers that laugh at our tears. Two tracks — “Regrets” and “Monument” — struck me as wallowing a bit too much in their own self-pity for a bit too long, but that’s a minor quibble with an otherwise excellent CD.

Dancing Ferret Discs, 4939 Catherine St. #3F, Philadelphia, PA 19143;

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