The Explosion

The Explosion

Steal This


Noble thing Revelation’s trying to do, with expanding the horizons of their roster and what not, but this might not be the best way to do it. Point being, then, is that the Explosion, with their five-song Steal This EP, aren’t so removed from the world of hardcore as, say, Kill Holiday’s shoegazing ethic was, notwithstanding the eight-minute running time of the whole thing. Granted, a hooky, spirited, vaguely Brit-punk rock n’ roll rabble-rousing is not what the label’s usually know for, and the Explosion offers such in spades, sounding kinda like Sunshine’s post-emo/pre-Velvet Suicide stuff, with upfront, boxy, almost-gunfire drum production driving the point home that Steal This is all about looking good and getting your rocks off. So, in that sense, combined with what are more like Fall-esque sketches than actual songs, Steal This is definitely not on par with the label’s history/notoriety, and, as such, will probably leave most of the X’ed up kids more than a bit confused. Thus, call this one a tasty one-off deal, but it might not be a good idea to, um, steal this.

Revelation Records, P.O. Box 5232, Huntington Beach, CA 92615;

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