The Woggles

The Woggles



There’s an energy that the Woggles have in a live setting that makes it impossible to stand still while they’re playing. The way the Professor and company jump around the stage, you just have to jump, shout, and dance with ’em! Their latest record, Fractured, does an excellent job of capturing that live atmosphere, and it’s equally difficult to sit still when it’s playing, that garage-y stomp making your head bob and your feet tap of their own accord. Don’t put this record on while you’re trying to work, ’cause you’ll soon find yourself abandoning what you’re doing and shaking your moneymaker along to smokin’ tracks like “Fractured,” “C’mon And Swim,” “Feelin’ The Humidity,” and especially “Doin’ The Montague,” which adds to the live illusion by giving the Professor a minute to introduce the band, as he would at a gig. The lo-fi sound of the recording also adds to that ’60s garage atmosphere, making the picture complete. The only thing I recommend more than picking up a copy of Fractured is that you get off your ass and go see these boys live. If you aren’t shaking your ass and having a great time at a Woggles show (or while listening to this record), then brother, check your pulse, ’cause you’re probably dead!

Telstar Records, P.O. Box 1123, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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