Trance Impulse/Trance Stimuli

Trance Impulse

Various Artists

Trance Stimuli

Various Artists


Here are two solid trance discs from Hollywood, Florida’s Neurodisc recordings. Trance Impulse and Trance Stimuli are so similar in nature and in sound that they probably should have just been released as a double-disc set. Nevertheless, further listening reveals musical differences and philosophies.

Trance Impulse is chock-full of European trance tracks, many of which were only previously available on bootlegged mixtapes and pricey imports. The feel of this disc ranges from the harder, pulsing “The House” by System Attic to the minimal, angelic, female-vocal-driven “We Don’t Need You” by DJ Van’t Oost. Shimmon & Woolfson’s “Welcome to the Future” is a hard, driving, acid-style trance track complete with bruising synth stabs, while Aqualab’s “Journey Into Trance” sends chills up the spine with its dreamy vocoders and epic sweeps. Other notables include DJ Miss T and Yahel’s “Skywalker” and globetrotting jock John “00” Fleming’s instantly recognizable “Alpha S.”

Trance Stimuli is a bit more diverse than Trance Impulse. This disc is compiled from not only import tracks but from lesser-known domestic artists, as well. Standouts include the percussive and hypnotic “Apperception” by Manjaro, Formologic’s hard, epic “Everlast,” C Sharp’s bass-driven “The Quest,” and the Shrink’s “Insecure.”

While Trance Impulse is a sure shot for quality European trance music, many of the tracks on it become indistinguishable from one another (similar basslines, melodies, atmospherics, etc.). Trance Stimuli is the more diverse of the two records, and while not every song sounds professionally produced or even noteworthy, it does produce in the “creativity” department. Both discs are highly recommended for avid trance fans.

Neurodisc Records, P.O. Box 7468, Hollywood, FL 33081;

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