Slime Volleyball

Slime Volleyball

If simple, addictive games have previously interfered with your life, then Slime Volleyball may be something you want to avoid like an overly powerful bidet. Frustrating and irresistible, Slime Volleyball is an applet game that’s just a step above the complexity of Pong, but a whole lot more colorful. The game consists of two half-circles with moving eyeballs that slide back and forth around their side of the court. As the red slime, your goal is to bounce the ball off any portion of your body and over the net in a way that will make your opponent, the evil and frighteningly skilled blue one, miss it. You can jump, move back and forth, the first slime to get six points wins, and that’s it. You may think it sounds simple, but when the blue slime beats you for the tenth game in a row, it won’t be so silly anymore.

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