BOOK REVIEWS: Underground Railroad, etc.

BOOK REVIEWS: Underground Railroad, etc.

Underground Railroad: Practical Advice for Finding Passengers,
Getting Them to Safety, and Staying One Step Ahead of the Tyrants.

Jefferson Mack
2000, Paladin Press
7077 Winchester Circle
Boulder, CO 80301

Lots of really interesting things here in this well-researched little tome. The
title pretty much tells it all. Nowadays, with Big Brother’s powers growing ever
stronger, it’s not an easy thing to assist people in flight from massive
governmental agencies. Agencies acting within or WITHOUT the judicial system to
track down and lock up whomever they feel is worthy of their attentions.

However, it IS doable.

And JM is here to give you some most very useful tips on how to go about the
business of subverting Big Brother’s best efforts at collaring unwitting rabbits
who may or may NOT have done anything wrong in the first place.

Everything from sorting out the sheep from the wolves when it comes to selecting
“passengers” for the railroad, to the nitty gritty nuts and bolts of operating a
working railroad. It’s all there.

And, like a menacing, but distant, cloud on the horizon, there’s ever the
thought thrumming low in the background, that some dark day it just might be YOU
that’s forced to buy a one-way ticket to freedom, on a transportation system
that few even suspect exists.

Good book here.

BOOK REVIEW: Cold Beer and Crocodiles: A bicycle Journey into Australia.

Roff Smith
2000, National Geographic Society
1145 17th Street N.W., Washington D.C., 20036-4688

Oh yeah, here’s a great idea. I think I’ll just take a little time off, buy a
bicycle, and then proceed to CIRCUMNAVIGATE the entire fucking continent of
Australia, with nothing more than my own frail legs to propel me through nearly
TEN THOUSAND miles of some of the most brutal terrain on this planet.


However, despite the severe lunacy involved in the above proposition, Roff
managed to pull it off.


And contained within the covers of this one are some perfectly FANTASTIC tales.
Just crackerjack stuff.

Strange people and stranger places that gyrate from homicidal to phenomenally
accommodating and back again.

No way in hell can I properly describe the contents.

Just go get the damn thing and read it.

Time well spent.

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