We Have Come for Your Parents


Beyond comprehension how We Have Come for Your Parents got released on a major label, as it is arguably the most violent (and non-cheese-encrusted categorically) record to hit the malls since Nirvana’;s In Utero. Like their self-titled debut a few years previous, Amen’;s latest batch of barnstormers was produced by man-in-demand Ross Robinson, but be well aware: This quintet may be from LA, but they’;re by no means entrenched in nu-metal snooze-and-lose retread  not even close. We Have Come for Your Parents (a recasting of the second Dead Boys album, natch) takes Amen to a hallowed plateau where punk overdrive, metal precision, and rock-radio scope all collide to create something that’;s both damn near too-accessible and damn near too-violent, yet slyly smart all the while. But is it all overkill? Depends upon on your perspective, really, but with vocalist Casey Chaos’; social-ill-razing lyrics (particularly on “CK Killer,” about a certain fashion designer’;s institution of anorexia), wouldn’;t you want your impressionable teenaged kids listening to this over the macho-misanthrope posturing of Limp Bizkit? Hey, either way you decide, welcome to the future nonetheless.


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