Autour De Lucie

Autour De Lucie

Faux Movement


Finally, an act to come out of France that doesn’;t sacrifice pop/rock harmonies for the pure kitsch and lounge-house that remains consistent of the Parisian set. The droning organs of “Je Suis Un Balancier” lay the foundation for the electro-acoustic dub stylings that await, perhaps reminiscent of a Garbage B-side. Autour De Lucie proves throughout this latest effort that ambience can mingle with driving beats, and form something utterly mysterious and sexy at the same time.

Still, they have the ability to be cacophonous, and on the distorted buzz of “Sans Commentaire,” the undulating bass alone is enough to induce wondrous spasms. Proving their no one-trick pony, the trio exhibits romanticism as well, with the soothing piano and string mélange of “Chanson De L’;Arbre.” Faux Movement is a story that appeals to the whimsical and melodramatic side of our souls, with not quite enough punch for us to proclaim “vive le France!” but with enough infectious pop to make us forgive them for that four-year-old Jordy kid.

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