Call And Response

Call And Response

Call And Response


Imagine if the Carpenters met the Human League, and they decided to combine forces and get funky on the dance floor. Now you’ve got a vague idea of what you can expect from this gorgeous debut from Call And Response. Dreamy harmonies straight out of ’60s folk, ’70s AM radio textures, ’80s synth pop buzzing, and surprisingly funky basslines all combine for a lush, beautiful, summery sound that is simply irresistible. Songs like “California Floating in Space” put me in the mind of one of those romantic montages of couples running through fields you see in the movies, especially circa the late ’60s, but the sensibilities are so modern that the songs never sound dated. The real highlight of the record, though, are the delicious four part harmonies that cover tracks like “Blowin’ Bubbles,” “Colors,” and the aforementioned “California” like hot fudge on an ice cream sundae. While one of the girls in the band has a voice eerily similar to Karen Carpenter’s (not sure which, but she’s the one singing lead on “Rollerskate” and “California”), the voices are best heard when they’re layering on the harmonies, their combined power recalling the likes of the Mamas and the Papas. All in all, a beautiful, infectious, and thoroughly memorable debut.

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