Decoded Feedback

Decoded Feedback

Mechanical Horizon


At a time when most record labels are releasing “best of” compilations and Christmas cheer, Metropolis Records dishes out another electronic gem. Mechanical Horizon, the newest aural escapade by Decoded Feedback, kicks off with the superb “Reflect in Silence,” a track reminiscent of Front 242’s “Work 242.” Decoded Feedback successfully combine smooth and emotional melodies with aggressive vocals, providing a moving experience. “Celestra” begins with ambient textures and slowly progresses into sheer synthesized wizardry. An ideal dance floor predator that will keep the masses in motion. Incorporating a more traditional EBM framework, “Dark Star” delivers a profound groove with extra-terrestrial. The majestic “Immortal” is loaded with out of this world programming, and enough panache to stand on its own as a hit single.

We delve into the sixth track, “A Kill to an End,” to find new creative avenues being explored. “Existence” pumps out serious body music reaching a 6.5 on the dance Richter scale. “Desire”‘s vibrant female vocal samples are layered with hypnotic rhythms and smooth percussion aimed at top ten stardom. This track reminds me of early Delerium material with more guts. The break is creatively placed within the basic groove of the song giving the listener a seamless listening experience. The title track returns to the style of the earlier songs, uniting the album. Heavy analog sounds join in harmony with various samples and percussion all atop a gorgeous dance groove. Closing the disc, we come across “Fear 2000,” a fast-paced instrumental beast designed for devoted trance lovers. It also provides a nice change of pace and more room to enjoy the syncopated pyrotechnics at work. The only downside is that the song is too short!

Sure to be hailed as a top release in 2000, Decoded Feedback receives my seal of approval for electro domination.

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