Dr. Speedlove Presents

Dr. Speedlove Presents

Vol. 2

Sexy Beat/Invisible

For those of you that aren’t aware, Invisible Records now has a “subsection” of their releases called Sexy Beat for the “dancier stuff.” I’m not sure who Dr. Speedlove is, but I bet he’s a geek, with thick black frames on his face and wild insane hair from all the electricity coming off the decks.

Volume 2 is the second compilation under Sexy Beat, and it picks up where the last left off. There are couple of tracks that have appeared on other compilations and albums before, but on a whole, it’s got the madness levels pegged. TRS-80 provides a remix of “Bamboo Shoots Battle” that is best described as drum n’ bass meets ambient chaos. The beats keep pushing you farther and farther then evaporate into nothingness, only to come back at twice the head-crushing power. The Vice Presidents “contributed” a remix of Spear of Destiny that not only had me hitting the repeat button, but got me thinking about the Cult gone electronic. Tres cool, this is! A1 People vs. Metamatics’ “Do It” is a nice spacey cascade of sounds and beats which melts the atmosphere and makes me wonder if they don’t fall into that “future jazz” category. Then right after this relaxing track, “Psycho Bitch Sister” (Lady Galore vs. Buzz McCoy) comes in peddling what can only be described as an up and coming dance hit. Reminds me of the tracks from the last Lords of Acid album that I liked (read that as two) gone even dirtier. All in all, it’s an excellent release to pick up some nice remixes as well as get your feet wet on what can only be described as the ever changing face of Invisible.


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