The Ice in Me


It’s always interesting to see how much noise a three-piece can create and still make it sound listenable and enjoyable. Of course, there are obvious limitations no matter how effective the music is. But don?t tell that to Enemymine, because their oddly structured, brutal offerings on The Ice in Me seem to scrap sounds from nowhere and create beauty in the key of dirge. The Olympia trio, experienced in this field having done time in projects Low and godheadsilo, feed off each other’s mood changes and scrappy pounding and riffing.

The disc may sound like it was recorded in a Burger King bathroom because of the poorly mixed vocals, but that doesn?t stop the band from launching an all-out assault. The thrashing noise of “Nightmare Air” should be taken literally, but it’s the low-bass rumbles and snare bashing present throughout which cause the stomach to churn and bones to rattle. Ice In Me is hardcore with a flair for experimentation, emo minus the crying and Spock look, and straight up lo-fi indie rock which should turn some heads, if they’re still attached to the rest of the body.


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