Wide Angle


Imagine a warm, enveloping horizon full of brilliant colors and dazzling images unlike any other. Imagine a soundscape perfectly suited for this atmosphere, complimenting the experience at every turn. The time has come to stop imagining and start living the experience! Enter the lush and unique musical realm of Hybrid. Their debut release, Wide Angle, contains full orchestral sound recordings, courtesy of the Russian Federal Orchestra, and the most innovative electronic wizardry conceivable. These two distinctly different musical worlds intertwine to create a sonic tour de force, catapulting Hybrid into the highest ranks in their genre. The stunning “I Will Survive” features the powerful vocals of Julee Cruise, who provides the kind of vocal performance worthy of applause. Equally breathtaking are the articulate electronics programming and production techniques. It is easy to see how Moby became inspired by this release, inviting the band to open for his US Tour. We then come to “I Know,” a marvelous trance-break beat feast with the passionate and moving vocals of Julee once more.

The darker, more brooding “Beachcoma” starts at a slower pace, keeping the listener in awe with every synthesized detail. Following the track’s introduction, we find a steady, breakbeat-driven monster, complete with saxophone and turntable scratches. “Dreaming Your Dream” brings new meaning to collaborative genius, with classic orchestra trumpet atop a vibrant electronic symphony. The instrumental elements of “Snyper” combine with expert scratches and breakbeats, pushing the envelope of creativity to its limits. Dense analog textures and insane attention to production allow for an unprecedented musical orgasm. BPM’s are maxed-out on “Theme from Wide Angle,” an adrenaline boosting trance demon guaranteed to move mountains. This one fits in perfectly with the dance music culture.

And the rest of this album is equally impressive, with exceptional gems such as “Sinequanon,” “Kill City,” “Altitude,” and “Finished Symphony.” Summing it all up, Hybrid never disappoint and know how to aurally entertain like no other artists in their field.

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