Joy Electric

Joy Electric



A collection of songs from various releases on Tooth and Nail and BEC, as well as a couple of unreleased songs, Unelectric is a low key journey towards the end. Wonderful and lush ’80s synth sounds rising and falling over piano touched songs. Ronnie Martin, playing everything and singing everything, has a voice that can’t help but get to you. You can picture him singing, eyes closed, waiting for a light to shine somewhere inside. Not whining, not angry… just sad. The songs move consistently against each other, taking a familiar pop sound and slowing it down… like that scene in that movie when she leaves him, it starts to rain, and he walks towards someplace that might be home… in the night, middle of the street, in the rain. Every song on this album could be that song. The last song is called “Losing Touch With Everyone,” and the last line goes like this: “It all ends in loneliness.”

BEC, PO Box 21166, Seattle, WA 98111,

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