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Velvet Suicide

Big Wheel Recreation

Another excellent punk band that comes from somewhere that isn’t the U.S.A. Sunshine snarls and rips up the soundwaves in car crash recklessness. Tearing apart some At the Drive-In style rage and British Invasion attitude, while excelling at the dynamics involved in any new wave massacre. Then, when you’re expecting something else, they drive into a drone rock psych out wave, with vocals high and whining over the guitar almost Johnny Rotten tight. It’s a big sound this trio can get, and as big as it gets, they keep it under control. The CD seems to move from punk, deeper into new wave as the songs progress… like Television, Buzzcocks, Wire, Magazine, and already I can list Sunshine along with these bands. Perhaps not as solid or as established, but I see it happening. From new wave mayhem into funked out dark grooves like the Make-Up going gothic, to head-shaking New York No Wave reminiscent noise, and back into yelling in the streets punk rock. It’s all Sunshine here.

Big Wheel Recreation, 325 Huntington Ave # 24, Boston, MA 02115,

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