Mount Florida

Mount Florida

Arrived Phoenix


While Coil’s eventual domestic release on Nothing Records remains in limbo, thank the shamans that we have Mount Florida. Built out of the same sonic pyre that fueled the aforementioned artists, Mount Florida is a collage of found samples, live instrumentation, and pure askew vision. Floating in the same, resonant synth-dub waters of the Orb, “Space, Echoes” submerges you underneath the tides. Twitch and M.P. Lancaster, the duo behind the madness, effortlessly glide from ambient-dub landscapes to deeper fragments of subterranean soundscapes.

The beats take the backseat, providing minimal background fodder to the fiddling, improvised sounds of “Jamaica Street.” Even the renowned Noam Chomsky makes a cameo appearance, proving fun tweaking can tangle with verbal depth, providing for a moving piece of work. Mount Florida has arrived, and in the absence of progenitors like Coil and Cabaret Voltaire, it is refreshing to see that the ambient sound design has been reincarnated.

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