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Things Falling Apart


After waiting over five years for the stunning NIN release The Fragile, Trent is treating his fans to a new musical feast entitled Things Falling Apart. This ten-track disc is a collection of restructured selections taken from The Fragile, given new life by the likes of Keith Hillebrandt, Adrian Sherwood, Dave (Rave) Ogilvie, Charlie Clouser, and others. Unlike the slew of remix compilations that flood music stores across the nation, Things Falling Apart stands in a class by itself. Each reengineered piece is given a new personality, appearance and style by these mixmasters. “Slipping Away” begins the disc with its eerie synth sounds and brooding beats. “The Great Collapse” brings on a steady groove and splashes of electro genius. Moments of dark, sinister effects engulf “The Wretched,” adding new dimensions of creativity and brilliance. It seems this track actually DID turn out the way Trent wanted it to, and may be among the best remixes on the album. Danny Lohner and company should receive a standing ovation for the revamped “Where is Everybody,” pushing a fresh drum n’ bass approach and high tech vocal treatments. Just one of the gems on this great release.

There are three different versions of “Starfuckers,” each expertly manipulated, altered and energized. Dave (Rave) Ogilvie’s version is simply outstanding! Aside from these outstanding remixes, the real surprise on Things Falling Apart is Trent’s cover version of the Gary Numan classic “Metal.” Distorted soundscapes combine with articulate programming to breathe new life to this all-time Numan smash. The occasional guitar adds a nice “fragile” feel to the song, making it the ideal partner for the other tracks. Don’t pass this release by as just another remix album flooding the stores — it is more, much more than that.

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