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Primitive Radio Gods

White Hot Peach

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Just when you thought the phone booth had been fixed and there was nothing left for Primitive Radio Gods to sing about, they come out with their second album. Yes, that’s right. It took them four years to release their second album due to the very dirty politics involved between the band and their previous record label.

White Hot Peach carries with it a higher standard of recording quality along with the homely, sedated sound that is characteristic of the band. “First Alien Photo” even sounds so homely that it could easily be mistaken for a Guided By Voices song. But the album as a whole is “all of that and more.” The instrumental piece that concludes the album, “Whatever Wakes McCool,” even goes into an unexpected, lengthy electronic experimentation section with serious manipulations of the basic sounds and speeds of the instruments. If you are one of the few who liked the first album, you’ll undoubtedly like this one. If you liked “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in my Hand,” but you didn’t particularly like the demo album, you should check this one out; there have been some serious improvements. If you didn’t like anything about the first album and you have no respect for anything Primitive Radio Gods do, then why are you still reading this review?

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