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Burnt Toast

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this CD, but from the first strains of keyboard pop, I was feeling a smile move on to my face. Very ’80s, but the ’80s I like. Done with that “right now” twist. Almost minimal in structure, the vocals barely singing over keyboard grooves and hand clap tight drums, pop strum guitar, rhythm hitting bass. Sometimes moving a bit into sad waters, but the beat and the movement keep a sway in your step. The third song, “An Evening Perhaps,” is a wandering instrumental that brings to mind something from Seventeen Seconds-era Cure, but with a bit more energy. From there, it swings into a more straightforward pop song, along the lines of Komeda, perhaps, very bright and bouncy, but with male vocals and I’m thinking sometimes it would be nice if Jane Ann, probably behind the keyboards, would sing a little. Still, it’s fun without being silly, and yeah… it makes you realize that you can dance.

Burnt Toast, PO Box 42188, Philadelphia, PA 19101,

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