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God, I will never get used to the sight of clean-cut, shorthaired fellows playing this sort of discordant-death-metal-noise-core-um-maybe-ism. But since time waits for no man, and the Dillinger Escape Plan is still leaving most of these bands in the dust, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sevenday Course. It’s kind of weird to review a band whose sound matches their CD cover almost exactly, reminds me of the glory days of those Dan Seagrave paintings that graced the covers of many an early ’90s Roadrunner or Earache release. What am I talking about? Forget about the previous comment, let’s just say that, like the cover of After The Storm, Sevenday Course specialize in austere, monochromatic slabs of solid, tense sound. They’re obviously not going for first prize in either the originality contest or the grindcore speed championship, but they are aiming to combine brutality, deadly efficiency, and a fair deal of technical proficiency into a seamless mix, so good on you lads. All this, and an acoustic interlude! Besides, I’m always happy when hardcore kids take on copious death/grind influences, it helps trim away the excess music and ideological flab that the hardcore scene engenders. A good dose of bullet belts and Reign In Blood will cure all misplaced idealism. A good record, and perhaps the best is yet to come.

Hey, I wonder if Krakatoa hear Papa Roach songs on the radio and sigh meaningfully?

Tortuga Recordings, PO Box 15608, Boston, MA 02215; Second Nature Recordings, PO Box 11543, Kansas City, MO 64138,

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