Sick Of It All

Sick Of It All

Yours Truly

Fat Wreck Chords

Angry rage hardcore. Thicker than punk, faster than blood. If more kids were listening to this, and skipping all those alternative mainstream excuses for hardcore, I’d be happier. Non-stop speeding bullet guitars and bone crushing bass over hammerhead drums and growling vocals that hurt your throat as you listen to them. All this noise, and you can still understand what’s being said. Political rage at times, but mostly just shouting out at everything that is wrong in their world, Sick Of It All take on Disco, America, Ignorance, and Idiots, and the struggle that comes when you remain true to yourself. This music is powerful, but it doesn’t make you happy. “…someday, a little rain is gonna come, and clean up your mess…”

Fat Wreck Chords, PO Box 193690, San Francisco, CA 94119,

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