Attention Teenage Girls

Sonic Unyon

First impression sounds like this: Post-punk pop/rock with some excellent little hard rock riffs thrown in to create a bridge from then to now. Heavy, but not constant heavy. Some of the lyrical structures have that poetic punk word play going on, “when the words I need to hear when they don’t come near then it’s no wonder that I wonder or I scratch until I bleed…,” so the lines move deeper inside, pushed by the stop start guitar and aggressive drums that don’t mind hitting hard. Some keyboards float in at times, but not that New Wave style, more like just a solid piano used at just the right times. Rounds of vocals creating whirlpools of harmony, and the heaviness lifts at times, but thankfully it never goes away. It keeps you moving. They thank Jimmy Eat World and the Promise Ring, but they also thank Rick Springfield… so be warned.

Sonic Unyon, PO Box 57347, Jackson Station, Hamilton, ONT. Canada, L8P 4X2,

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