Slumberland (Episode Two): Awake and Dreaming

Slumberland (Episode Two): Awake and Dreaming

Various Artists


This is a wonderful collection of ambient music. According to the liner notes, the music is organized around “musical expression that ventures into that realm we loosely define as the spirit world.” If that sounds vaguely pretentious, well, throw away the liner notes, because the music is incredible. The opening track, with its evocative samples, reminds me of Skinny Puppy’s Rabies disk. Another excellent track, Tim Clement’s “Beautiful Lady,” calls to mind Eno and David Byrne’s collaboration on the track “Jezebel Spirit,” but where that track contained samples of someone performing an exorcism, this track contains samples of a medium recounting his communication with a spirit possessing a girl’s body. Sound scary? It isn’t. It’s merely dreamy mood music perfect for relaxing to. How much did I like this disk? So much that I am going out and buying several of these artists’ albums., (888)STAR388

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