Song Of Mercury

Song Of Mercury

Song Of Mercury


This nicely packaged, self released, CD, starts out with a soft sample of an old record spinning sound and smooth vocals and guitar that make me think of Low’s more upbeat moments. Played by Jeff Johnson and Cory Gilbert, with some help from friends on the didgeridoo and the answering machine, Song of Mercury brings in some more technical sounds, spreading out into an almost Jean-Michel Jarre new-ageishness(if that’s a word)that moves into a more folksy acoustic groove. The harmonizing vocals still remind me of Low, but the sound is a bit faster, a bit thinner. Not in a bad way, just music for brighter days. Sorta like mellow indie electronic folk groove, but nicer. Sad and beautiful.

Song Of Mercury, PO Box 678101, Orlando, FL 32867,

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