Suicide Commando

Suicide Commando



From the country that brought America the legendary Front 242 comes the newest release by Suicide Commando. Enter the dungeons of Mindstrip. Johan Van Roy, the Belgian one-man electro machine, brings new meaning to menacing electronics, eerie textures and brutal production. Complete with ear-shattering vocals and distorted drum loops, Mindstrip paves a musical path full of powerful elements. “Jesus Wept” opens the disc with severe beats and complex layers of synthesized energy. “Hellraiser” is equally sinister, building a chaotic yet highly focused wall of sound. The slower paced “Body Count Proceed” contains some of the most intricate programming and layering of sounds imaginable. Simple lyrical content really compliments this track while allowing the listener to digest every musical detail. “Raise Your God” begins with trance-like shavings and soon evolves into a mass of electro aggression. You may need to strap on your seat belt for this one.

There is great attention to detail on this release, particularly on “Mind Stripper,” where the senses are bombarded from every angle. Other noteworthy pieces include “Comatose Delusion” and “Blood in Face.”

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