The Places

The Places

The Autopilot Knows You Best

Absolutely Kosher

As soon as the CD starts, I’m dreaming… drifting. Trembling and solidly surreal songs capture the listener almost immediately, like the first frost on a December morning lawn right when the sun hits. Cold and warm and so bright, but with a hint of the shadows that fell the night before, and the coldness yet to come, but still, reveling in warmth. There are little sound bites between these sadly wonderful indie slow folk pop songs that create a sort of David Lynch like vision that ties the album together. Singer Amy Annelle holds the music together with the hushed sultry voice of the perfect lounge singer. The strained and emotionally charged voice of someone who has felt too much and not enough. There are some musical references, perhaps, to Cat Power or early Liz Phair, but the Places are much fuller in their dynamics and wider in vision. The Places are stunning in their own right, and they make the weather warmer with their musical voice.

Absolutely Kosher, 417 Fredrick St., San Francisco, CA 94117,

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