The Manhattan Love Machine


The first time I got to listen to this album, I almost killed the guy playing it for me so I could go home with it. It is the S&M for electronic and acoustic drums. It is The Manhattan Love Machine, after all. The interplay between the drums, electronics, and general “noise creators” is so sexy and perverse that I can’t help but feel dirty as I envision a modern day Bettie Page strutting her stuff while beating the crap out of someone.

“White on Green” is a punisher; fit for flogging your lover under the haze of blinking lights meant to confuse. The fun doesn’t stop there. No no. We haven’t even made it through the first half. “Night Soil” slides in on that sultry train from the “dub nation” with such a level of complex darkness that I expect to see the grim reaper materializing. But for some reason, this grim reaper plays a wicked guitar, and just wants to jam. “The Biz (Filthy Rich)” is a stomach punch to the industry. Minimalistic and gut-wrenching.

Only Invisible Records is going to allow you to hear this sort of innovation, and it’s worth your hard earned money to support. TRS-80 is going cause an impact, and you better get on board now. Otherwise, they just might release a track about your “Johnny come lately” attitude.

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