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Even for a person (like me) who doesn’t listen to commercial radio, it would be difficult to have missed many of the songs on this record, including the new powerballadish “Again” (for those with no MTV, woo-hoo, good lookin’ chicks and you get to see Lenny’s butt in the video!). But even if you don’t particularly like Kravitz’s retro-mining (I have to admit to being noncommittal as a rule), you still have to be impressed with the guy’s talent.

Sure, he’s stealing, but he’s choosing some good stuff to swipe – when he stops to say “Are you gonna go my way,” it’s no coincidence that it reminds you of Jimi saying “Are you experienced?” Or when he goes “Ooh yeah” at the beginning of “Rock and Roll is Dead” (and later, in the same song, and at numerous other places, Jimmy Page), you’re not alone. But there are lots of other touches – the Motown strings intro to “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over,” the sitar at the end of the same song, for examples.

And on the new single, “Again,” all you’re hearing is Lenny, he plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals. Not bad for someone who first came to prominence as Lisa Bonet’s boyfriend. A solid best-of.

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