2nd Gen (Eagan)

2nd Gen

Irony Is


Remember the good old days of Ministry and The Land of Rape and Honey? Or how about Cop Shoot Cop? Bands that were not just loud, but overwhelming. The ones with a visceral, bone-shaking rumble. That is this band. I have feeling that if you were to see this band in concert, your friggin’ eardrums would bleed. This is a heavy album, a heavy, mean, and evil album. The second track is probably one of the better tracks of the year. Forget about those bands like Slipknot, Incubus, and their ilk, if you want to flip your mom out, play her “SlowBurn.” While another track, “Black Spring” is the aural equivalent of a blues band plunging into the bowels of hell. Listening to this album is like watching some one pouring liquid metal ore into a sucking chest wound. Heavy and mean, this album is just plain heavy and mean.


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