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Project Blowed/Ground Control

It•s a damn shame this brother got dropped by a soulless major label way back when, but I•d prefer to see it as more of a blessing. Crawling back to the underground where his skills were honed, L.A.•s Aceyalone has returned refined and unwilling to surrender his unique flow to the modern c-rap music on radio and television. With his Project Blowed empire in tow, the freestyle fellow stakes his claim on such tirades as the string-dropping, calypso-keyed •Alive.• The production is more hi-fi than expected, but that doesn•t mean this shit•s sheen like OJ•s Bruno Magli shoes. It•s merely a statement that you can•t suppress beats and rhymes mixed this well. The jazzy title track transports me back to the heyday of hip-hop, the late-80s/early-•90s era in which New York was the king of the jungle. But it•s L.A•s turn, and Aceyalone jettisons smoothly from the city of angels to your stereo. As he states that •I never knew so many people have no clue,• I realize the words ring true of the hip-hop world today, and it•s about time Aceyalone apprises the community the rap game really is to be told, not sold.

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