All Time Present

All Time Present

Good Vibrations/No Expectations

Evolving Ear

What to the untrained ear may sound like pure atonal noise, to the well trained may be the music of the spheres. Unfortunately, I am in the former and not the latter category with regard to this release. Sounding an awfully lot like Can or experimental jazz, I am unsure whether this is creative genius or raw noise. The difficulty resides in it appearing to be both, at the same time, and in the same song. The liner notes state that this disc was recorded both live and in the studio with different permutations of the band present. However, I am unable to tell the songs apart and determine which are live and which are studio versions. This would definitely appeal to fans of Sonic Youth or any other experimental music.

Evolving Ear, 326 St. John Pl. No D1, Brooklyn, NY 11238

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