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Amy Ray



Amy Ray — who is best known as one half of The Indigo Girls — has gone solo. With her new album, Stag, Amy Ray no longer shares her creative vision with Emily Saliers, and is able to take her music into some new areas. Anyone expecting this to be “the Indigo Girl” will definitely be surprised. Although the album starts off with Ray singing a haunted Appalachian Mountain-influenced ballad accompanied by mandolin, the rest of the record showcases her distinctive vocals in a collection of mostly harder rock styles. From the punk “Hey Catsrator” to the bluesy rock vibe of “Black Heart Today,” Stag is able to handle the variance in styles and prove to be a captivating record. Amy Ray is accompanied on the album by some of the best women in music, some of whom she has featured on her label, Daemon Records. The Butchies, Kelly Hogan, Katherine McElroy (Three Finger Cowboy), Joan Jett, Josephine Wiggs, and Kate Schellenbach all join with Amy Ray to help her create a musical vision quite separate from The Indigo Girls.

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