Blueline Medic

Blueline Medic

A Working Study in Green

Fueled By Ramen

What are Melbourne, Australia’s Blueline Medic doing on Gainesville, Florida’s Fueled By Ramen? Who knows? The important thing is they’re here, walking a line between the newschool indiepop-emo variety and something a bit rougher, with vocals a bit more raw (thankfully) than a lot of the smoothed-out soaring vox of the more poppy bands that are getting called emo nowadays. Thirteen minutes, four songs, lots of tempo changes, lyrics including words like “beckons,” “Cartesian,” and “kinesis” (hmm, they must have one of them there colleges Down Under), not a rhyme to be heard. But no shouting, either (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Nice stuff.

PO Box 9, Mitcham, Victoria, Australia 3132,,,

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