Carl Craig

Carl Craig



A surprising change of pace for this jetsetting superstar DJ, onsumothasheeat explores the indescribable, improvisational and complex methodologies of urban music. Sequestered in this broad category are the fundamental elements of jazz, hip-hop, and the eventual evolution into drum n’ bass and electro. Here, Carl Craig examines each facet thoroughly, handpicking from the prolific Shadow catalog, and translates each breezy nuance through his solid-steel decks.

As Ultralights’ breezy “Supernova” segues into the Kraftwerk-like fiddling of LB’s “Superbad,” it’s obvious the man has chosen wisely, like the tried and true music aficionado he is. Throughout the mix, Craig proves modern dance can blend positively into the time-honored be-bop swing of the past. Live breakbeats bounce like tennis balls off cement once the dark atmospheres of Goo’s “The OG” enter the room, inducing permanent shockwaves throughout the remainder of the record. This 13-song mix definitely indulges in ambiguity and experimentation, rather than the set one would expect from Carl Craig. Whatever sheeat he is on, let’s hope he never gets off.

Shadow Records, 26 West 17th Street, #502, New York, NY 10011,

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