Contaminated 3.0

Contaminated 3.0

Various Artists


Nifty two-disc retrospective with some unreleased stuff mixed in with album cuts. Most of you metalheads already know if you like Relapse’s M.O.: tons of ultra-fast gruntcore (Cephalic Carnage, Brutal Truth, Benumb, etc.) and some bands that are conspicuous by their inability to be pigeonholed (Neurosis, Today is the Day, Dillinger Escape Plan). And let us not forget to mention the oh-so-heavy Morgion. If you’ve heard anything from the offshoot label Release, you know these guys are hip to less fashionable types of underground music (head-damage noise, soundscapes, etc.). And although none of it is represented here in pure form, the knowledge of this stuff ultimately shines through in their metal roster.

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