Cyberfest 2000

Cyberfest 2000

Various Artists

Cool World/UBL Recordings

Here we go again. Are the strobe lights and sound system on? Then it’s time to bring your brightest clothing and jewelry, parachute pants and happy-scrappy attitude to the Cyberfest, showcasing the “best and brightest” from the sprawling dance scene. Corny name notwithstanding, there are quite a few talents to be found on this record, including Mixmaster Mike, Paul Van Dyk, and Moby, all throwing down new mixes of their ubiquitous tunes, including Van Dyk’s “Tell Me Why” and Moby’s “Natural Blues.” Alas, we have heard these songs a million times, so therefore, its better to concentrate on some of the lesser-known folks, like Plan B. Actually, maybe not. After hearing their pseudo-industrial-rap tripe on “No More Sunshine,” it’s time for these guys to come up with a new plan.

But fear not, you crazy club kids you, for your heroes Paul Oakenfold and BT will save your night. Their overplayed, tiresome cuts “Movement in Still Life,” eerily similar to a Crystal Method demo, and Oakey’s cheesier than pizza “Bullet in the Gun” should cause some body movin’, but I prefer Christopher Lawrence’s “Rush Hour” and Bedrock’s “Voices.” After tuning in, I wasn’t sold on this Cyberfest. I•d prefer to listen to this record in the comfort of my home stereo rather than going and paying $90 for the actual event this year.

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