Elementz Of Soul

Elementz Of Soul

Soul Searchin’


Long time Ink 19 readers may remember that about two years ago, I raved about the debut album from the multicultural, genre-hopping collective Ozomatli, and their mind-boggling fusion of myriad styles of music into a cohesive, brilliant, and socially conscious whole. In these two years, I’ve been looking for another band that even comes close. Elementz Of Soul is the band I’ve been looking for. On this five-song EP, the Elementz recall Ozomatli in spirit, though not exactly in sound • no, all the better, these masters mix things up in their own unique style and flavor. Where Ozomatli evinced a heavy Latin influence throughout the mix, the Elementz bring in more dancehall flavor, especially thanks to lead vocalist Fyah’s tastily-accented toasts. Acid jazz, hip hop, pure soul, and electronic soundscapes all make their way into the Elementz’s sonic stew, each providing just the right seasoning to each song•s musical course. Picking out highlights is almost impossible, because the whole EP is one big highlight, but if forced, I’d express the most admiration for the lighthearted anti-smoking tune “Nicoderm EQ’d (Cancer Stick),” the moody “Falling Asleep,” and the jazzy “Ill Journey.” It’d be impossible for me to overestimate how good this record is, and yet, I can’t help but feel that this only scratches the surface of what this band is capable of, because this tiny glimpse leaves me so hungry for more! I can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next! Do yourself a favor and pick this one up now, and get in on the ground floor!

Elementz Of Soul, 7790 SW 72 St., Miami, FL 33146, (305) 274-9169, Elementzofsoul@aol.com

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