The View From This Tower


I’m definitely a song guy. I like songs. I’m not into jam sessions, for the most part. That’s been my chief criticism of the art/jazz/rock bands that frequent Chicago’s Touch and Go label and others. The Don Caballeros of the world are undoubtedly accomplished musicians. Really, really accomplished. But, as I said before, I like songs. I really like songs with lyrics. Washington, DC’s Faraquet may be the best of both worlds; crack musicianship and good songs. It’s a godsend, and a credit to Dischord Records. I’ve long felt that Dischord was scaling back its operation and releasing very few new bands. In recent months, they have released this record and a debut full-length by Q and Not U. Two new bands that have prompted more than a few people I know to remark that “Dischord is back!” I hope that The View From This Tower is a look at things to come, both from band and label.

Dischord Records, 3819 Beecher St. NW, Washington, DC 20007

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