Furniture Huschle

Furniture Huschle

Waiting For Parts

Spare Me

Somewhere amidst Furniture Huschle’s surreal spoken/sung lyrics, jerky sample loops, Casio beats, and lo-fi sound collage excursions lies an odd form of brilliance. I think it’s located near his sense of humor and, judging from the sound of things, both have been festering for a while. The result is a mix of ridiculousness and catchiness, as evidenced by “Feeder Cable,” “Foe or Fork,” and “Selling My Nipples For Science.” Waiting For Parts sounds like someone was let off their medication now and again and allowed to record on the four track in the closet. “Speech Avenues in Cities” and “Modern Aladdin’s Lamp” sound like a less polished Beck, but for the most part think a noisier Daniel Johnston, James Kochalka, or Charlie McAlister. Fifteen tracks plus a rather hilarious half hour “bonus track” featuring Huschle being “interviewed” amidst a bunch of older songs. All are little nuggets of hissy joy.

Spare Me Records, 127 Great Hills, Staten Island, NY 10308,

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