John Brodeur

John Brodeur

Tiger Pop: Songs by John Brodeur

Mr. Duck

This is an impeccable mix of pop and heart-felt lyrics that at times sounds like a slightly more world wearied, yet more coherent, Elliot Smith. Underneath the pop confection and trappings though, remain the bitter kernels of recrimination and bitterness at relationships that have failed. Ah, but the music, the music! On this disc, John Brodeur has soaring crescendos and wonderful melodies. The splendid “Dying For Me” is just 3 seconds shy of a four-minute masterpiece. An epic that begins with subtle chord shifts and steady strumming that belies the musical terrain we about to enter, complete with a classical guitar and shimmering oscillators (in fact, except for a few musical helpers, John Brodeur plays this entire album). The next track, “Selfish” hearkens back to classic AM radio. But the lyrics belie the message; the song is one of the finest kiss-off songs I’ve ever heard. Tiger Pop is an apt description, indeed. Fierce and rough yet beautiful and memorable, this is an outstanding album.

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