John Wolfington

John Wolfington

John Wolfington

Smells Like

Mellow and moving acoustic indie folk that reminds me of bands like the Williard Grant Conspiracy, Dream City Film Club, and sometimes, The Red House Painters. The vocals touch upon a Tinderstick-style smoothness, but the music is more on the sparse side… lush tones, but not really a filled-out sound. Maybe a Neil Young lick on the guitar, and a nod of the head towards a Velvet Underground dynamic. It’s wide-open fields, and when you’re standing in the middle, you can see for miles. Steve Shelley appears on the drums for a few tracks, alongside Two Dollar Guitar’s Tim Foljahn on bass, and that sets the mood for the album. John Wolfington takes care of pretty much everything else, but his strongest contribution to this is his songwriting and his voice. It aches and slides through everything.

Smells Like Records, PO Box 6179, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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