Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit

Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water


Master the shopping habits of angry kids with baggy pants and backwards baseball caps everywhere — the latest and most popular free, open-source distribution of off-key singing — with the help of this authoritative reference. Rap-metal masters Limp Bizkit explain their infatuation with the holy trinity: makeup, money, and power. You’ll also get full coverage of their party at the Playboy Mansion (including lots of wasted time). Coverage also includes naked women, drugs, limousines, glitter, more makeup, bottled water, hand towels, lifetime supply of strings and athletic gear, and your money back. Download it now and receive a free copy of an excerpt from Limp Bizkit’s autobiography, Metal is Guys With Long Hair and Makeup Screaming in a High Pitched Voice and Utilizing Vibrato — Nu Metal is Guys With Short Hair and Makeup Screaming in a Low Pitched Voice and Playing Guitars With an Extra String. Metal Guys Also Played With Their Crotches Pointed at the Audience and Nu Metal Guys Hunch Over and Wear Their Guitars Low. So Nu Metal is So Much Better and Not at All Cheesy. It really says that, I swear.

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