Luckie Strike

Luckie Strike

Future Is Turning


I’ve been kicking myself since last May for having gotten to the Fearless Records Tour’s local stop at ten instead of nine PM — I missed openers Sacramento, California’s Luckie Strike. But I did hear their singer sing a song with Dynamite Boy in the next set, and immediately knew I messed up. I’ve heard a couple of their things since, and it’s been good stuff. As is this 18-minute six-song EP. Poppy punk that doesn’t sound like the umpteen bazillion other bands of that genre. Great grrl vox (and backing boy vox) without being at all wimpy. Six songs here (including a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Radio, Radio,” complete with chirpy Hammond B-3), and not a clunker among them. Go buy, absolve me of my sin.

Tomatohead Records, PO Box 61298, Sunnyvale, CA 94008-1298,; Luckie Strike, PO Box 277413, Sacramento, CA 95827,

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