Studio Recordings/May, MCMXCVII

Arch Enemy

Hailing from Boston, Neptune were together for a number of years and managed to squeeze out these recordings before splitting up and, subsequently, reforming with mostly new members. Today, visual artist Jason Sanford remains the bandleader. He not only takes care of most of the vocal duties, but also SCULPTS ALL OF THE GUITARS OUT OF SCRAP METAL. That’s right. Tire rims, sprockets, rusty sheets of this or that — anything can end up in one of his functional works of art. The concept is extremely visual when they play live and goes perfectly with the group’s banging-on-steel sound. While this disc rocks plenty in a Cop Shoot Cop/Distorted Pony sorta way, they are even more formidable with their current line-up. It also features two drummers, one of which plows through about six sets of drumsticks a night as he pulverizes his steel percussive objects. Along with New York’s Flux Information Sciences, these guys could be signaling a genuine industrial rock revival.

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