New Found Glory

New Found Glory

New Found Glory


Coral Springs’ New Found Glory is easily one of the strongest outfits to be belched out of the quiet South Florida music scene. This, their 12-song self-titled album, contains a strange juxtaposition between casing and contents that is, to say the least, a bit disconcerting. Britney Spears’ name is blatantly plastered on both the front and back covers, and the insert features warm and fuzzy, Seventeen Magazine-esque individual glamour shots of the airbrushed quintet. Without hearing them, it would seem that these guys ache to be singing an empty N’Sync orchestration while surrounded by screaming ten-year-old girls, and that this album is nothing more than a desperate cry for help. But hark, their music is worth the reservation of judgement.

All alleviation of a spattered image comes by pressing the play button. With that, New Found Glory shows what they’re really made of • that is, a loud stream of continuous energy with catchy hooks, quick stops, and relentlessly restless vocals that go far beyond breaking a sweat. The band’s music is a healthy combination of the Get Up Kids’ style of crunchier emo and the pop-punkyness, in-your-faceness, and punchy basslines of Green Day. Loud and straightforward, New Found Glory kicks out love songs with a fresh breath, and where they lack in clever lyrics they make up in presentation. This group doesn’t stop to take a breath and, with the exception of a few slower, weak and less exciting tunes, vocalist Jordan Pundik’s typical nasally nice-guy emo voice is always animated and right on tune. Their stamina and layering of rock n’ roll guitar licks over a healthy level of distortion keep these guys undiluted from the first minute to the last • and there’s no way they learned that from Britney.

Drive-Thru Records, PO Box 55234, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413,

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