Paved Country

Paved Country

Deconstructing Paradise

Paved Country BMI

I must shyly admit to enjoying this CD. I don’t avidly listen to country music , but Paved Country sets a different standard. Not once was there a rocking chair, a cheating wife, or a dog mentioned, making it more folk than country. In the truest actuality, the writing is really good on Deconstructing Paradise, the music is different from song to song, and it doesn’t give off the impression of a back roads stereotype. Lately in music it’s an amazing event to find “artists” who write their own music, much less do it well. In “Step Away From the Woman”: “You could have any woman you want/but it won’t be me/hey it seems like you hang the sun/’cause wherever you go it seems bright and warm,” and in “Peace of Mind”: “Staring at the sun, looking for the light/With only thin air to guide me/As to whether I am wrong, or whether I am right/As if there’s such a thing/Feeling bruised from the day before.” It’s country, but it’s modern, fun, and relatable. It isn’t directed to lonely housewives eating Ho-Ho’s, nor is it tobacco-chewing, cow herding music. If you’ve always wanted to try country music but can’t stand the woe-is-me thread that links the genre, try Paved Country, who really do deconstruct paradise (and sorta leave you in the mood for some BBQ chicken).

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