The Force That Holds Together a Heart Torn to Pieces

HowlingBull America

The modern metal-core scene may have gotten altogether more technical thanks to The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Converge, and a select few others, but Spaceboy seem bent on making it a helluva lot burlier. Like Killing Technology/Dimension Hatross-era Voivod beaten with a (very) ugly stick, Spaceboy’s debut dose of mathematics, The Force That Holds Together a Heart Torn to Pieces (got that?), seesaws and saws violently every which way: convoluted thrash and doom riffs get stupefied, then jazzed up (literally), and finally dumped into the sewage vat while Coalesce-styled vocals cough up tripped-out/-up poetry when song demarcation is necessary (usually not), the end result something along the lines of brandishing compasses and slide rules, rusting them to the darkest black, and throwing them out in defeat due to lack of comprehension. Taking into consideration, then, that the quintet includes former members of The (Fucking) Champs and Bl’ast, the four-song EP somehow makes sense, but not really, so maybe that’s the point, no? Fuck it. Sonic overkill? Yep. Just plain too much? Ditto. Morbidly enjoyable? Sure, why not! Quite simply, death metal for math rockers.

HowlingBull America, PO Box 40129, San Francisco, CA 94140-0129,

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