The And/Ors

The And/Ors

Will Self Destruct

Better Looking

Former members of bands such as Interstate Ten, Corrugated, Jejune, and Crash Worship collide on this brilliant new band debut. The defining pieces of this angry, sparkling, dirt pop explosion are Daniel Black’s vocals and Arabella Harrison’s rolling and steady bass lines. This isn’t to say that everything else isn’t amazing… the guitars that shift and swirl from an early Sonic Youth reminiscent miasma to a breakaway Replacements style smile, the drums that keep both the rock and the roll… but Black’s plaintive and inspired vocals, sometimes harmonizing with Harrison, and Harrison’s control of the rhythm, keeps everything within reach. The pop is loud, the hooks are fresh, and you just grin… loving the music.

Better Looking Records, 11041 Santa Monica Blvd., PMB 302, Los Angeles, CA 90025,

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