The Mother Hips

The Mother Hips

Green Hills of Earth

Future Farmer

Often thrown in with the crowd, The Mother Hips are back with their fifth album. Fully energized, and ready to play their pop songs without bending to the strength of labels. Maybe this country thing started when the band toured with Johnny Cash, or Wilco, but now the ground being stomped upon is a little different. This is melodic pop with solid structures and solid songwriting. Sometimes a hint of some sunset style sadness creeps in, but a well-written heartbreaker doesn’t mean you’re trying to be Ryan Adams… I hear more of the John Lennon kind of sadness here, with a nice rock edge that could turn into something with a Cheap Trick snarl or a Pink Floyd spaciness, depending on which way this band decides to turn.

Future Farmer Recordings, PO Box 225128, San Francisco, CA 94122,

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